About Me

Hello, my name is Michael Pilgrim. I am a British developmental editor and author coach who is comfortable with British or American English (70% of my clients are from the US). I have always been passionate about books, reading and the craft of writing.

After completing a degree in English Language, I worked as an editor for a small publishing house in the UK, concentrating on developmental editing. I stayed there for around 6 years. This was followed by 4 years working as an English teacher. And for the last 8 years, I have worked as developmental editor and author coach in my current capacity helping independent authors. 

My Experience

  • 14 years experience working as a developmental editor both for publishing houses and as a freelancer 
  • 4 years experience working as an English teacher
  • Hundreds of books edited (something like 25 million words!) 
  • Degree in English Language from The University of Manchester (UK)

Favorite Genres

I enjoy a broad range of genres – including science fiction, fantasy, romance, paranormal, humor, YA, children’s, thrillers, horror, dystopian, mystery and action. I also enjoy self-help and other nonfiction books.

I am less enthralled with historical / literary fiction and poetry.

Some More Info

As a keen traveler, I have visited many countries throughout the world. I’m currently living in Crete in Greece.

I like meeting new people and being social. I like football, or as you yanks call it, ‘soccer’. I’m also a massive sci-fi and fantasy geek. And I like comedy too.

I’m currently writing my own series of comedy books called the Sunshine Home.

Alaina Stanford

Order of Succession

Author of 25 Novels

Michael’s level of professionalism is outstanding. His expertise with editing is off the charts. Michael dug deep into the pages of my book, Order of Succession. He sorted through the good, the bad, and the unnecessary to help me create a masterpiece.

Some Favorite Works